Write. Write. Write

Writing is the most important of the four existing language skills for me.

It is a great way to express yourself and convey to others what is on your mind.

I started writing for the reason that I easily make witty comments.

I often play with words and I spend lot of time reading which is important if you want to be good in writing.

Writing like any skill requires practicing, so in my search for exercises I first stumbled on creative prompts while I was working on my portfolio for ad school. One can find so much inspiration online to start creating essays, short stories, poems…

The hardest part is starting to work on some project, so I sometimes postpone my beginning for as long as I can. Writing is a hobby or a profession which requires extensive self discipline and dedication, apart from only talent. I am better in writing than in speaking, because of the fact that writing can easily be edited in that words when are outspoken cannot be taken back.

I mostly write in English- the language with so many nuances, synonyms and expressions. English is truly a language made for writers.

I started to write in elementary school when most of my colleges were writing diaries so they made me begin doing the same. At that time majority of my writing were descriptions of my day in school or my holidays. On the other hand, my school assignments were often characterised as deep and thoughtful.

Through writing I organise my thoughts, I recollect memories, I expand my imagination. Usually I don´t have a story set in my mind, I create sentence by sentence, so I sometimes even surprise myself with all that new turnings and plot twists. I write because I love spending time in my own little world, where everything is possible. You are never lonely when you write, ideas accompany you.

Although I must admit that it is easier to read other people´s produced material, creating your own stories brings more fun and satisfaction.

With writing you can discover hidden feelings, concerns and ideas. Writing is a tool to bring your subconscious to paper, to reveal truth and thoughts which you could not normally reach.

If you share same values on this beautiful activity, I would be happy to read your words on this topic.


Are You The Same Person Online As In Real Life?

Social networks are facts of today´s reality.

Technology and media can be found in every corner of developed society.Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube have all the same purpose, to connect and share interesting content among its users.Facebook is one of the first, if not most famous social networks.People usually use it to connect with their friends and aquaintances.

Sometimes the way we present ourselves on it, does not represent our usual identity, other-times it shows us exactly how we are.

In my opinion, my friends present only the best from their lives, they portray themselves as mostly happy, as the ones who succeed, have fun and travel across the world.

On contrary, my Facebook persona is funny, witty and shy. I have a small circle of friends, don´t post pictures and I like most popular pages ranging from comedy sites to my favorite TV shows.I mostly use Facebook to chat with my friends and share sharp observations of everyday situations. Most of my content is personal written word.

Producing something of relevance brings lots of more satisfaction than simply liking pages or observing what others are sharing or writing.

I dislike spending much time on Facebook, but I must admit it is quite addictive once you get used to it. You always have to check for new materials, fresh news and gossip.

I don´t like people who take Facebook to seriously and elaborate their life or political views or share their children´s photos on it. People who rant on politics on social media could make greater impact if they actually do something about it in real life.

Admittedly, my identity on Facebook changed over years, from trying to have as much friends as I could, posting only data others would accept to being self confidant and more or less how I am in real life.

Facebook is good to connect with friends you met before, who are now living in different parts of the world, but for others it surely can´t replace live meetings.

It is not wise for younger individuals to spend much time online as their identity is still forming- they can end up under some bad influence, so parental supervision is essential.

In a nutshell, connect with people you personally know, control time you spend on it and have fun, but don´t share too much personal information on it, especially if you are still very young.

Forever Young, But Luckily Out Of My Teens

Couple of months ago I celebrated my 26th birthday.

Two decades and six. Since it´s been a couple of years that I am out lf my teens, perhaps I can share some thoughts on them with you.

I see teen years as a time where you are so preoccupied with others, that you forget that the only person you should be thinking about is- you.
You try to fit in with people you don´t like or care about. You drink, although you dislike alcohol, you think you should have a boyfriend, so you keep going to clubs. You think grades are unimportant so you don’t study. You think your parents don’t know anything…
Yeah, difficult years, but they would be easier if only you could go one day in the future of yourself when you are for example 25. Just to gain the perspective, to realise, you don’t have to worry, just work hard and be yourself. Most importantly listen to yourself, not to others, because others usually haven’t got the slightest clue about you or about themselves. These are the years when everyone should- learn.
Don´t feel pressured to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend before you know what you want from relationships. Explore your strengths and weaknesses, what you like and dislike.
Before you can make meaningful connections you should get to know yourself better.
There are big chances you are going to experience an identity crisis in your teens and your early twenties. Although it is difficult to go through those times, it can also be rewarding to experience so much variety in your life- from trying on different haircuts, to working on lots of different jobs, to traveling around the world.
If you choose to go with the path of making your own choices and making your own mistakes, be prepared to encounter some difficult times. On the other hand, from difficulties you will learn and grow.
Modern teenage years are prolonged until at least late twenties, so don’t hurry, you will grow up, but even then you will learn everyday something new.
And yes- quit smoking, it really is bad for your health and it´s better to have a strong attitude against it because that makes you- confidant.

Portray Your Life, Set Goals!

Goals- for the future, goals that we achieved, goals that we didn´t reach.

Some wish they would lose weight, some wish they would finish college, read more books, spend more time with their family…

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now is question that gets asked on practically every job interview or perhaps by your psychologist if you appreciate yourself enough to go to one.

Yet, many people wind through life not really knowing what they will achieve, what they will decide not even today let alone tomorrow.

Perhaps the easiest way is to live from day to day, not paying much attention to what future will bring you or to what you will bring to it.

There were times when I just went through life, feeling lost, detached, but every bit of the moment I strived for that piece of security and purpose that goals bring us.

Probably the biggest goal that I set for myself and eventually achieved was preparing portfolio for advertising school. I was preparing one year for my admissions, I didn’t always believe I would achieve that sweet goal of mine, sometimes I stumbled, lost inspiration, but then I remembered: if I fail- I´ll try even harder next time.

I got accepted to that famous and prestiguous school, but I eventually quit. I think I wasn´t completely prepared for all that success, so I started to feel fear. Then I lost faith and perseverance. I think I would go back and finish it one day, I just have to get enough courage to set off on that adventurous journey.

The problem is that most people don’t set goals, they lack the drive and fear the obstacles they may find. Every action takes lots of energy, it is thus easier not to try, but is it rewarding in the end?

I think that we have to have a purpose in life, no matter how big or small it is, we have to have some direction or we would end up nowhere. So take your time, envision your life, fantasize, make a time frame, picture ideal for yourself and achieve it!

Am I Good In Writing- That Is Something You Should Tell Me.

On my elementary school record stands a note: gifted student.

I struggled a lot to accept that, because I always though that is somethng that only brings you negative things like loneliness, sadness and lack of understanding from others.

In my highschool I didn´t have good grades, I tried to fit in by pretending I am not as bright as they told me once. My grades suffered, so did my self esteem.

Then, I thought after a while that I am not good in anything. One of my favorite days ever was graduating from highschool. I felt deep satisfaction from not having to spend more time acting like someone who I wasnt, I longed for freedom.

I am type of the person who deeply enjoys studying, so I went to multiple colleges (unfortunately I haven’t finished one), but that is a different story. From studying things like law, medicine and finally, copywriting- I realised writing and crafting stories and blogging are my greatest passion.

I have a knack for languages, coming up with puns in English, although it is not even my mother tongue and from forming thoughts with pen and paper. I like to write in English because of its variety and many subtly different meanings of the same expressions and its rich vocabulary.

Reading and writing are two main activities I spend most of my time on. At this moment, my dream is to make my hobby, writing to make means of living from it.

I know I have to learn a lot to start a blog that many people would wish to read and of course the one that would generate income, but I am determnined to succeed.

I think that talent after great preservation and dedication still gets recognised.

Now in my head stands a note: gifted in writing, but the audience will have the last word.

Alone Wolf

Spending time on my own is something I am deeply thankful for.

At this moment, I am laying in my bed, with my laptop, listening to TV sounds and having fun in creating those words you are reading.

I think one of the greatest gifts people can have is to learn to feel good all by themselves. You spend most of your time with yourself, so it is good to be grateful for that, embrace that and- enjoy it!

I recently stumbled upon a Biggs Myers personality quiz, where I found out I am INFJ- which stands for introvert, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.

One of my main characteristics is that I am definitely an introvert, I need at least 60-70% percent of time being alone.

I also searched for which careers would suit me the best and I realised those were the ones for Investigative (social and conventional) personalities.

Being investigative, I need a lot of time for reading, analysing and soul searching. I like facts, science, knowledge, experiment, writing, photography, music, contact with couple of close friends…

But being alone and figuring life and thinking some deep thoughts is definitely one of my dearest ways to spend time.

Time spent in that manner is always a blessing since we live in fast paced societies with great deal of pressure.

One way to escape our everyday damanding realities is to recharge in solitude.

It is best to go to the nature, take a few walks or just visualise what you’d like to happen. Who would you like to spend time with, where you would like to live, what kind of career would yoo pursue doing…

I need to recharge to get to my inner self, to my deepest concerns, passions, yearnings. Often, I can’t wait to get home, just to get into my room and relaxe..

Oh, yes, time spent alone…good time 🙂

Playing School Is Not What Teaching Profession Looks Like

I always knew I wouldn´t become a teacher in this life.

Teaching profession is one of the oldest and most noble professions since old ages.

Being a teacher is hard work- I don´t know it from personal experience, apart from playing school at around age 12, but having spent most of my life in a classroom, I feel qualified to conclude it from student´s perspective.

Why teaching is so hard and why not everybody is meant to do it career wise?

Spending time in school also known as 12 tough years of studying, respecting authority figures, sticking to schedules and being stuck in a classroom with people who you at least don’t find interesting- is something not many of us would like to repeat. 

As a teacher you would have to do it over and over for the next 40 years, 5 days in a week. You would never be done with homework or with exams or with going to- school again. Imagine spending a couple of hours a day trying to speak and convey your knowledge to 30 people who are doing everything else but paying attention to you.

As a teacher you have to be interesting, smart, fair, you have to have understanding and you have to know how to reach people who are years, if not decades younger than you. Youngsters often don´t appreciate how important are the lessons you are trying to teach them, which is understandable because their brains are still developing and of course because they haven´t got enough life experience. 

It is also much easier task to learn facts and information then to explain it to someone who is not of the same educational level or background as you are.

Good teacher knows how to recognise potential and how to encourage it.

Truth to be told, education is something of great importance, but government, students and sometimes even teachers don´t realise how much impact it has.

Teachers train are future generations, so they have to take their job seriously, I could´t bear that much responsibility so I must admit- I am happy that I am done with my school years, but I will continue educating myself from the foundations those more experienced instructed me. And I am thankful for that.