Ready, Set, Goals!

Goals are tasks we wish to accomplish in our life.

Every person has different wishes on how they would like to spend their lives, but every person should try to make an effort in creating goals to reach their dreams.

It is not hard to set goals, but it takes lots of effort, belief and going through hardships and tribulations to make your plans come true.

In order to have our visions accomplished in the future, we have to start working on them in the present.

Throughout our life, we get confronted with time frames and deadlines- we are always in a hurry to succeed in something only to get a new set of duties.  We are expected to set time limits from our early age on- exams are set in time, we have to be at exact point at work, we meet at appointed hours…

When it comes to goals, it is important to make certain projection in the near or distant future when we would like to have our mission accomplished. By doing it, we can measure more easily our success or refrain our expectations.

My biggest goal which I set was when I was preparing for enrolment to my ad school- I worked hard for almost a year. In that time I made almost 100 essays, poems, stories, photos, videos…

It was hard in the beginning to make progress and even to start, but with every successful completion of my work came great satisfaction which pushed me further and further. I got accepted to that school, but because of some unfortunate situations, I had to freeze my status and now I am waiting for some time to get back on track again. I hope I would start with my studies in following 6 months, so this is my new-old goal. I realised through my schooling that patience means half work, it always pays off to be patient and dedicated.

I also realised that it is not only crucial to set goals, it is essential to actually make them real.

Although we have to have result that we want to reach in our mind, the journey is far more meaningful. We always have to set goals, no matter how small or big they are because that exploration while reaching them is what makes our life worthwhile.

So make plans and make them work. It is worth it!


Learning Is For Life

Back in elementary school, when I was around 9 or 10 years old, my teacher called my name in the classroom and told in front of everyone that I am the most hard working person among them. At that time, just in the moment of my teacher´s recognition, I felt awkward as I didn´t want to be in the sole centre of attention. But the revelation and acknowledgment of someone older and experienced came as a nice compliment.

I showed great dedication, interest and self discipline from young age. Were it only my character traits, or my parents had they role in my education?

I think both of the aforementioned facts share its relevance. My parents always encouraged me to learn, to observe and to pay attention to the world around me. They played games with me, taught me how to read, they signed me for countless activities. I played tennis, learned Spanish and German, played piano…

It all shaped me as a person- through my activities I learned the power of knowledge and became self sufficient. I learned to strive for better and put lots of effort in achieving my goals. In my family, my mother was always helping my brother and sister in studying and preparing for school, yet she didn´t have to do the same with me.

Although I sometimes felt overwhelmed from all the pressure and demand that came hand in hand with my strict school, I took my obligations seriously. My days were always beginning with studying and at the end of the day, not so late in the night, it would only take me a few minutes to fall asleep.

When the end of the school year would be approaching, I would make a calendar and cross each day which passed- I was counting days until Summer.

Learning and working habits are behaviours which require lots of conscious effort and sacrifice, therefore some never form them. Families which provide encouragement and which place high value on education will more likely spike same interests in their offspring.

Luckily, I came from one of those families and despite having had some struggles, I am on a continuos path of studying, improvement and gaining more and more knowledge.

Because that is the best path, I can assure you.