Favorite Place In My Home

I live in an apartment in the centre of Zagreb with my family. My apartment is among bigger sized apartments for Croatian occasions, but its layout isn’t the best. That’s also the reason why some of our rooms in it don’t serve much of a purpose.

However, there are couple of rooms where I spend most of the time and although it may sound silly my favorite place in my home is – bathroom. I spend on average an hour a day there.

I shower, sometimes take a bath, brush my teeth, apply make up, clean my face, apply moisturisers…

Still the real reason I like that tiny little room is because I feel most relaxed there.

There I can be all by myself, in silence and with my thoughts. It’s kind of humorous that bathroom is a room where I can honestly say I find my peace 😛

I have a big family: there are 5 of us living together and I share a room with my younger sister so bathroom became from early on my little sanctuary.

My favorite routine is lighting scented candles and enjoying a looong bath in the afternoon after work. I also like the ritual of applying all that preparative and decorative cosmetic products on my face and body. It is important to take care of your looks for your own wellbeing and to show the best of yourself to the outside world.

If I would design a perfect space in my home, it would be a room with a sea view, with the best stereo and loudspeakers that would play chill out music all day long and with a small swimming pool in it.

The room would be in a skyscraper on the last floor, it would have slanted windows and wooden floor. The wall would be of exposed brick with photos I took from traveling from countries I have visited. It would all look colorful, cozy and relaxing.

Until my dreamt designed room becomes a reality, I’ll unwind in my bathroom.

It fullfills my time needed for unwinding. Bathroom, how silly!



My Love For Parents Through My Upbringing

Every night before sleep I thank God for everything I have in my life.

I am grateful for so many blessings, but definitely the biggest one is my family. I am grateful for my mom and dad, brother and sister and grandma who all show tremendous love to me. The love that I feel for my parents is enourmous, especially now when I am already grown up and can see so many challenges we’ve gone through together.

My mom and dad always supported me in my upbringing, through happy and some not so happy times. Throughout my childhood I had an impression that my parents are the ones who know everything, who can solve any problem and help me in every situation. I felt protected and loved, but while growing up, when I stepped into the real world- especially in my teenage years, I started to realise that they are also only – humans. Humans who sometimes make mistakes, who sometimes don’t know what is the best for me. Sometimes, rather often, I didn’t either make it easier for them – I was rebelious, I misbehaved, had bad grades, snekaed out of house…

It is funny how you change your perspective from those naive childhood years to when adolescence begins. I now realise how much my parents must have worried for me in those turbulent times. It must have been hard for them to see all the problems I was causing to myself and to observe often some bad things which I made as a result of peer pressure.

My parents, I know now, wanted only the best for me, but it was hard to think of that when you spent most of your time with group of people who are as confused as you. It surely wasn’t easy for my parents to watch me pass under bad influnce, they wanted to protect me from every bad situation, to help me become a responsible, healthy and happy person.

Now, in my mid twenties, I realise how difficult  being a parent is- you can’t always protect your loved ones. I am most grateful for the support from my father and all the conversations I had with him. I think that every parent shoud serve as example for his kids and talk to them very often: about life, about love, about books, about school. I made a lot of mistakes in my life, but my parents were always with me, they directed me when I was lost, believed in me when I lost hope.

To sum up this little narration of my upbringing I could only say- mom and dad

– Thank you! 🙂

Hello Zagreb, Hello Croatia

Probably not many of you heard of Croatia or many of you don’t know that Croatia’s capital city is Zagreb. Zagreb is also the city in which I was born.

Zagreb has a little less than million inhabitants- many people from different regions of Croatia want to relocate to capital city so its population is steadily growing.

While I was a student I could not grasp why would people from Split (second largerst city in Croatia) or Rijeka( its 3rd largest city) would like to study there as they had the same universities in their places of origin. I would often get the answer that Zagreb has the most to offer or that they would like to separate from their parents and learn how to live on their own.

Zagreb is a nice city – in comparison to other cities in Europe its size is rather charmingly small than big. It has also started to attract more tourists from year to year- many hostels opened to attract especially young people. If you come to visit Zagreb, it is good to know that the majority of youth knows how to speak English so you won’t have problems with talking to natives.

One of the fun facts of Zagreb is that almost everyone who lives there meets with their friends under the clock which is located on Zagreb’s main square. That is the place where people meet before going out to one of the nearby caffes in Tkalčićeva or in Bogovićeva street.

Saturday is for most of the population favorite day because then they meet with their families and friends, nicely dressed and have a coffee on what’s popularily called Shpitza. That is the name for most popular streets and pedestrian zone in city centre. There you can meet many Croatians celebrities and then most of fun events are happening- from promotions to concerts.

Zagreb doesn’t have an underground, but it is interconnected with streetcars which if you are tired or exhausted from sightseeig would annoy you, as you probably would not find a free seat – street cars are always very crowded.

Also, if you are more into bycicles, there are not many suitable cycle lanes there. They are mostly on the same pavement where pedestrian walk.

Zagreb also has many museums, parks, churches and lakes worth visiting.

I am glad that I could share some of the insights about Zagreb, the more conventional information you can find on almost any tourist page about Zagreb.

So, have fun exploring!

Saying „Yes“ To Love

Today it is expected to be in love or to be searching for that somebody.

In relation to that I often get asked that dreaded question: „Do you have a boyfriend and if not what are you waiting“?

The other day, one client who came to my workplace asked me about my age. When I told him I was 26 he told me that I am not really in my prime youth anymore and that I should find a boyfriend. I wasn’t looking for any advice regarding my love life as I am happy as a single person.

My parents’ friends ask me ocasionally the same question, as I am past age when we could talk about college and grades 🙂

Often my friends ask me whether I am seeing anyone. My friends are also in an age group between 25-30 years when they are getting pregnanat and saying yes to their significant others.

Although I mentioned some examples about how others would like me to hurry before it would be too late, I feel like I can’t hurry love. I often read stories about how other people met and knew they found someone special and these stories always make me warm around my heart.

I think family is the most important thing one can have in his life- it is not his career, income or place a person lives. I am happy to be blessed with great family: my parents are great, I have brother and sister, a dog, lots of friends, but somehow everyone expects you to be with someone- to find a boyfriend. I had some crushes in the past, a few dates, I actually have someone I often think about, but none of my wishes came to realisation in real life.

I have my whole life ahead of me- so it is good to get to know myselff before I get to know someone special.  Some people around me are happy to share their life with someone, some break up or divorce, some are desperate to find „love of their life“. Everyone is searching, but not everyone finds what they are searching for which makes me conclude- relax, it will happen sometime, sometime when you forget that you need other person to make you happy.