A Little Poem Through The Stress


We live in a constant hurry.
We always have to do something.
People expect from us various things.
We have to be responsible and caring, yet strong and happy.
We go for things that perhaps we don’t even want.
Everyone has his own point of view on how we should manage our own life.
We work hard, but have very little time to relax.
We like food, but want to be slender so we take care of what we eat.
People around us fight and we have to listen and serve as mediators.
We have faith, but still ask ourselves why does it have to be this hard.
We thought that reality is more gentle.
We read books, sometimes watch TV, but prefer Internet.
We is me.
Me is you?

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This Is Not Just Another Ad

What makes a good commercial is a question that popped to my mind today.

While preparing creative samples for admissions to an ad school, I was gaining inspiration from watching Super Bowl commercials.

I was amazed how many good ideas were showing on TV in that football period of time. Every time I watched a commercial that broadcasted on Super Bowl, I felt some strong emotion – whether happiness, sadness, anticipation or fear.

However, I mostly liked those which inspired me in some way – to start doing something new or to change thoughts about some matter. Commercials seen at Super Bowl are expensive, millions and millions of people see them and they have a big impact. I always wanted to make that type of commercials 🙂

But they are only a small portion of advertising- the best part of it. Every copywriter or art director would feel extremely proud if his creativity could be shown during that popular event.

At ad school, we had one class for which we had to search for terrible ads and explain why we think they are terrible. Then, I realised that most commercials were (using euphemism)- not quite good.

On one hand, I know what makes a bad commercials- they are boring! Not innovative, they don´t show the benefit of a product or a service. They don´t provoke emotions.

On the other hand, good commercials inspire you and make you to actually purchase that fragrance, bag, shoes or car.

Still, many public notices to sale heavily rely on stereotypes like men and bear or pretty woman and cars. Advertisers often stay in their comfort zones be it because the company which ordered a commercial wants to stick to the safe ground or because of the lack of inspiration of creative team.

Good commercials should be informative, witty, fun, they should provoke anticipation and in the end- they should make you take an action.

To put it in another words- they should make you ready, set, buy 🙂

Or you can just watch them. That works too. If it´s Super Bowl.

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We Learn For School And Not For Life

Non per scholae sed vitae discimus or in other words we don’t study for school, but for life.

How true is really this statement? I finished high school 9 years ago, have been since then in the institutions of higher education and I must admit that school doesn’t prepare you well for the realities of  everyday life. What we mostly do in school these days is memorizing endless material.

We don’t get encouraged to use our creativity and if we differ in any way from the norm, we often get criticized. I was a gifted student and because no one in high school recognized my talents, I struggled a lot with school. I was way ahead of my colleagues in the terms of knowledge, but I was somehow always getting bad grades- I just could not learn all that given data by heart and present it to teachers. We also don’t learn how to follow directions, but instead we learn how to pretend that we agree with our teachers.

Skills as how to find a job in this economy or how to start a job, what career do we want to pursue or how to manage taxes are not being taught at most institutions. I didn’t even know what a cover letter was when I was looking for a job during high school, let alone how to write it.

Apart from that, I suffered from low self esteem years after high school because I was always given bad grades. I felt enormous anxiety when I would have to speak or answer teachers’ questions in front of the class. I would also compare myself to other more successful students and beat myself down for not having achieved the same „success“.

In Croatia, every couple of years we hear that our educational system will be reformed, but from my opinion no one knows which ideas to implement.

Therefore, education still stands as one big experiment and all I can say to new generations is- you’ll survive, just like we did.

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Through The Hard Times, Through The Limit

Sometimes I remember. The other times. The pleasant times. The sorrowful times.

Among many life situations and memories there are always some that stay imprinted in your subconscious mind. On one hand there are some memories I like to recall when I feel down, but on the other hand there are many disturbing difficulties that I wish I didn’t have to go through.

Life makes you forget or integrate in yourself events that happened to you which you found very painful.

In my example that was one illness I was diagnosed with when I was only 19 years old and for a long time I just could not accept that it was happening to me. There were so many negative emotions included, so many tears, so many -as I thought back then- missed moments which I was unlike other people of my age, spending in hospital.

When you confront death at such a young age, it pushes you to achieve things that other would never have the strengths to think of. Overcoming serious illness at first breaks your self confidence, but in the end if you survived the deepest depths of it, you can survive anything.

That’s what I remind myself of.

Illness is something most of us will get confronted with at various points of our lives, some will get better, get resilient, others perhaps aren’t going to be that „lucky“.

I have to thank my whole family for supporting me through my dark times because without them my Sun would probably not have emerged.

Through my illness, I lost contact with many friends, quit so many things I would normally do, but I also learned to cherish the people who sticked with me and who supported me.

The funny thing and at the same time the irony of the whole situation is that you have to stay strong when you are feeling the lowest. That, my reader, not many of us could accomplish, but not you my dear….

You could.

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Do You Think You’re Brave?


Brave people act even when they feel scared.

Brave people know that feeling uncomfortable is a necessity to growth.

Brave people don’t quit or quit only when they see no further progress with continuing.

Being brave is not about the lack of fear, it is about acting despite of it.

Being brave is about caring for your family, going to work, taking care of your health, being responsible, appreciating life.

Being brave is not about manipulation, using other people for your selfish purposes or about self indulgement.

That is also the exact reason why fewer and fewer people are truly brave today. It is easier to follow the path of others, scared of making your own choices and possible mistakes along that way.

The thing is in order to escape the storm you must pass through it first.

Bill Gates put the similar construct in this way -The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

People are not trying to fulfill their drams, they are living with no ideas, they leave it to life to sway them in any direction. People nowdays are not living anymore for something bigger than themselves: they are often on a path to destruction through escaping reality in forms of addictions, excessive shopping or video games.

I know that its sometimes hard to set meaningful goals or to achieve them – but we must do so in order to progress, to evolve, to grow in our imperfect human nature.

Make plans, be courageous, take care of yourself and remember-


Fortune comes to the aid of those daring.



Love Is Everywhere

Everyone is looking for love.

On one hand, guys are learning how to approach girls and learn how they call it- a game. Girls, on the other hand, are trying to make themselves most attractive they can –  all in one mission: to find that crazy little thing called love.

I think that everybody wants to have a meanigful relationship with another person, but sometimes in order to achieve thet, people seek short term benefits over long term rewards.

Guys are sometimes only interested in physical part of love (if it can even be called love), whereas girls are looking for more deeper involvment.

Some people can’t stand being alone so they jump from person to person and from relationship to relationship, often dissappointed in the end. Other person can enrich your life, but can’t take care of your life or be responsible for your happiness.

I often hear about girls who think they can change their boyfriends, but reality is- you can only change yourself.

The power you have for your own life and for inviting people who you want to be in it is tremendeous. Ultimately, you can choose, but my advice is to choose wisely. Don’t fall for guys who mistreat you, don’t appreciate you or demand you to do things you normally wouldn’t.

Normally, good guys could not be find in bars or clubs, try to meet them through mutual friends or by joining activities that you like. It should be abot making friendships first.

Men should cherish women, but women should respect men.

I am in my mid twenties, and most of my friends are in long term relationships or getting married, it is nice to see they found that special someone. I truly believe everyone has that one person who is meant to be for them.

To find him or her, you should make some moves, but also allow destiny and universe to make things work for you. Timing is everything, maybe you aren’t ready now, maybe you can’t wait to meet someone, but in the end- love will find you.

With love,



Text, Always

Texting became more popular than phone calls which doesn’t surprise many in these days of online media.

Pesonally, I don’t make phone calls often- I would always prefer texting over talking to someone over the phone. Although texting can’t convey all the emotions a phone call usually consist of, it is more pratical and there are always 🙂 or 😛 involved.

There are people who I would rather call, but they have to be very close to me, a family member or a good friend. In some occasions it is more convenient to call than to text, but same works vice versa.

On one hand, for shy or introverted people it is easier to communicate  with others over texting. On the other hand, very sociable people would mostly call you. People who seek immediate response or who are in a hurry will always try to reach you by calling you. If wanting to meet someone for the first time or if it is late at night or you know that a person is busy, you would text him.

I always feel reluctant to make a phone call because I sometimes think I wouldn’t come up with something to say or that a uncomfortable silence would break in.

Also I don’t like receving phone calls, except when text message would serve as a precursor to call.I have a great fear that something bad happened and therefore a call from the other side is nesecarry.

Ten  years ago phone boxes were very common, nowadays everyone has a cell phone, in ten years from now it is hard to predict how our communication habits will look like.