Why Is It Hard To Find Relevant Information In Today´s World?

Although I live in one small country in Europe- Croatia, I spend most of my spare time reading American blogs.

I rarely read Croatian newspapers or, for the matter of fact, any newspapers, because I think they only offer biased information to their readership.

As a result, in their writing we can often read about irrelevant celebrities, corrupted politicians or overly simplified scientific findings. For example: the other day I was looking for an information about anorexic girls, so I, just for fun, opened an article on one of the Croatia´s leading news portals where I read that the unlucky anorexic girl was cured because she got fat. How simple, huh?

Same type of news is perpetually presented- the stats about emigration, unemployment and crimes. In other words we only hear negative news which can make us think that the world we live in is much unsafer than it really is.

I am also part of the Millennial generation and hence, belong to the group of young adults whose life was quite affected with social media.

We literally used to spend couple of hours per day scrolling through Facebook newsfeed and by stalking our acquaintances.

Today it is even worse, if you don´t have Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, just to name a few- in a social media sense- you don´t even exist.

In a way it is good to have so many social media outlets if you use them to share quality ideas with others, but mostly, people share material which doesn´t help anyone.

If you just serve as a consumer of other people´s opinion you will never have your own voice and personality.

In a conclusion, today, if you want to ready quality- you have to start sharing quality.


Are Some Degrees Really Useless?

A few days ago in my country we could read a news saying that a woman with a college degree from 3 different universities could not find a job.
That particular piece of news spread in an instant through many online portals and throughout social media.

Suddenly everyone wanted to share their opinion of that particular problem.
Soon 2 sides of opposite streams were created: one saying that obviously the aforementioned woman has 3 useless degrees (geography, art history, comparative literature and shortly one in theology) and the others saying that it is impossible for anyone to find a job in Croatia and that she just wanted to secure a state job.

Some commenters said that the lady should be sending more cover letters and resumes- she already sent 30 of them.
From their point of view, she was not proactive enough in finding herself a job.
What those commenters actually don´t know is that most jobs are found through networking, presence in online media or by being active during your studies through meaningful projects. Sending cover letters is pretty outdated option nowadays.

Then, some were trying to be more helpful with advice that if she really had 3 (soon 4 diplomas) that she should start her own business and not rely on the State for her employment.
In a country where hundreds of thousands people work for the State and where taxes for having your own business are sky high- who are we to blame the unlucky lady?

Many people are blaming the government for their inability to find a job or making it possible to implement more easily their own business plan or project.
In Croatia, we witness everyday emigration of young and educated people who don’t see any perspective in staying here- they can´t find a job to cover their existential needs.

The pay checks are low and those who work are lucky to have a job.
Who should we really blame- individuals like this lady, our educational system our government- we are yet to find.